Referrals Platform

Business benefits

  • Reward members who give you more customers
  • Give points, products, vouchers or discount
  • Simple or complex, we can build your program

Member benefits

  • Earn rewards for referrals
  • Pass on exclusive benefits to your family and friends
  • Unique member QR code and referral link
How it works

Invite your customers to become referral members

Just share a link to your amazing new referral program on your website, over social media, in your emails, or promote it in-store with QR code posters and stickers!

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How it works

Your referrers bring friends to buy

We'll help you choose the perfect gifts to turn your referral members and their friends into marketing machines for your business. Choose gifts from your own product or service range or from ours.

How it works

You Create Happy Customers

What could be better than your customers getting rewarded for spreading the word about your company? Referrers and new customers are both given incentives for using your referral program, which lowers the cost of acquiring new customers for you!

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Example ROI
If you get 8 new referrals, Who spend $20 every month,
You’ll be making
Every year
How it works

Your Referral Program pays for itself

You can focus on your business, not on marketing. This program runs on autopilot and will pay for itself. We will back it with a no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee.

Want a Demo?

We’ve pre-recorded a demo video explaining how the referral platform works. You can also speak to one of our team by booking in a ZOOM demo.

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