Keep Customers
Coming Back for Free.

yesloyal is built for 4-5 star rated Australian Small Businesses.

It's a digital Smartphone solution to work alongside your physical stamp card program.

We are offering a Forever Free Program to the first 50 businesses who sign up.

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Keep Customers
Coming Back for Free.

yesloyal is built for 4-5 star rated Australian Small Businesses.

It's a digital Smartphone solution to work alongside your physical stamp card program.

We are offering a Forever Free Program to the first 50 businesses who sign up.

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Honestly, Physical Stamp Cards
Have Their Limitations!

A physical stamp card is a great way to reward loyal
customers, but digital can offer your business so much more.

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More Personalization

yesloyal helps you to learn more about your customers and offer them a more personal service.

More Marketing Opportunities

yesloyal enables you access to SMS and email marketing services.

More Security, Nothing To Lose

yesloyal enables you protection from stamp/hole-punch scams that rob you of profit. You will also never need to replace lost cards because customers literally have nothing to lose.

More Relevant

yesloyal enables you a presence on each customer's Smartphone and helps you stand out to existing customers and also attract new customers.

We Help Businesses Grow

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Full of passion and energized.

We are so blessed to work with the yesloyal team. 

Very clear and professional when explaining everything we needed to know to join the loyalty program, nothing was hidden. 

The yesloyal team was so supportive, they answered and solved any issues quickly. 

Very passionate about helping small businesses and energised to share ideas and improvements every time we met.

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Outstanding team and customer service! 

yesloyal app is very simple to use and has been an effective marketing tool for our business. 

Our customers are also enjoying the experience and rewards. What we appreciate the most is working with such an outstanding team with superb customer service! They have been very responsive and supportive throughout all communication. It has been a delight working with them! 

We definitely recommend yesloyal for your business!


Simple, Powerful and Free

The Merchant App lets you issue points via a free to download App for your business.

Your customers can access your loyalty program via the yesloyal App. Free to download.

You and your customer can now get all the benefits of digital without moving away from the Buy X Get 1 Free structure that you already have in place.

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Points instead of Stamps

On your digital program each stamp is converted to 50 points which you can issue via the Merchant App.

As an example, a Buy 6 Get 1 Free structure would mean the customer gets a free coffee after earning 300 points.

Every business is unique and our system will automatically calculate your points structure during the setup process to reflect your Buy X Get 1 Free structure.

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Customers can easily see how far away they are from their next free reward.

Customers can earn and save up for multiple free rewards without having to hold onto multiple physical cards.

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Happy Moments

Your customers will be able to see all the happy moments you've created for them in the activity section of the Customer App.

Happy moments?

Yes - the first day they joined your program, every time you awarded them points and the days they got given rewards.

OK, Points Replace Stamps, So How Do I Issue Points?


The yesloyal Merchant App generates unique QR codes which allows your customers and members to collect loyalty points easily and securely.

We will provide you with a login and password.

All you'll need is a smartphone and internet connection.

Don't Miss Out! Be One Of The First 50 To Sign Up Before This Offer Ends.

We have built a limited number of Forever Free plans to help small businesses start their first digital loyalty program without having to put in any money.

The only criteria is that you are rated by your customers on Google/facebook as a 4-5 star business.

Gift +20% discount
MembersCloudCustomers who have joined your program are known as members.
Program StructureCloudThe Digital Stamp Card program is available on Forever Free. Bronze and Silver plans allow you to select from additional program types.
Merchant AppCloudA free to download app for your business to issue points and manage your program.
Refer-a-friend featureCloudGive your existing members the ability to earn points for referring their friends and family to your loyalty program.
WebsiteCloudSee for a sample of the website.
Opt-in data exportCloudAbility to export member contact details of those who have opted into direct communications from your business.
Forever free
Free. Nothing To Pay Ever!
MembersUp to 500
Program StructureDigital Stamp Card
Merchant App1 x Login
Refer-a-friend feature
Opt-in data export
Increase Customers Spend
MembersUp to 1000
Program StructureSelect a program
Merchant App2 x Logins
Refer-a-friend feature
Opt-in data export
silver plan
Grow Your Online Presence
MembersUp to 2000
Program StructureSelect a program
Merchant App3 x Logins
Refer-a-friend feature
Opt-in data export
Forever free
bronze plan
silver plan
$0 Forever
$68 /month
$107 /month
Up to 500
Up to 1000
Up to 2000
Program StructureCloud
Digital Stamp Card
Select a program
Select a program
Merchant AppCloud
1 x Login
2 x Logins
3 x Logins
Refer-a-friend featureCloud
Opt-in data exportCloud

Want A Demo?

We've pre-recorded a demo video explaining the Forever Free Digital Stamp Program.

You can also speak to one of our team about the Forever Free Plan or any of our Paid plans by booking in a ZOOM demo.

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Want More Than A Buy X Get 1 Free Plan?

We are happy to help.

We have helped many businesses with more advanced and cost effective programs plus marketing.

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This Sounds Great, BUT I'm Closed Due To Covid Lockdowns.

We hear you. Here are our 2 recommendations.

1. Lock in this offer and get everything setup so you can take advantage of it when lockdowns lift.

2. Consider using a yesloyal plan in conjunction with our unique sticker solution for takeaways and deliveries.


Invite people to your program using our sticker coupons and give them points in a contactless way during COVID lockdowns.


Invite UberEats (and other platform) customers to join your program and communicate with them directly to save yourself paying those high commissions.

How Much Are Coupons?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are yesloyal?

The team at yesloyal are focussed on helping small business owners grow.

As an Australian based business we've made it our mission to help more small businesses to succeed.

Together the management team have put decades of our experience and knowledge into the yesloyal platform and complimenting solutions. 

This helps a business grow faster through loyalty, customer acquisition, positive customer experiences and innovative technology.

What are the advantages of yesloyal?

#1 is we give you the option to start for free if you just want to digitise your current Buy X Get 1 Free program.

We then give you very affordable no-contract paid programs that help you meet your key business objectives.


We partner with you to create more happy customers which results in customers who:

  • Buy more
  • Buy more often
  • Are engaged
  • Increase word of mouth
  • Bring family and friends to buy as well
Is your Forever Free plan really free?

Yes, 100% free. No setup cost. No hidden costs. No commissions. No Credit Card details required.

What's the difference between the Free plan and the Paid plans?

Our paid plan options are built for business owners who are in a position to invest more into the business to increase customer spend and their online presence through a no contracts paid engagement. 

See for more details of the paid plans and what they offer.

Can I get a demo?

Yes, click here to book a demo.