About Us


The team at yesloyal are focussed on helping small business owners grow.


As an Australian based business we've made it our mission to help more small businesses to succeed. We all know that small businesses at full potential ensures more employment and financial stability for our great Country. 

“We see great people who have these amazing products or services really struggling. Some are even falling victim to the alarming failure 
rates seen in the small business sector.”


Together the management team have put decades of our experience and knowledge into the yesloyal platform and complimenting solutions. This helps a business grow faster through loyalty, customer acquisition, positive customer experiences and innovative technology.


We deliver a solution that will change the face of small business and help them compete against the biggest of brands whilst decreasing dependance of the continually getting new customers through expensive platforms.


Our solution allows a business to create an unique program that finds the balance between business outcomes and their customer's needs. The end result is happier customers and gives a business a tool they can use to create more revenue and profits. This can then be reinvested into growth or employing staff.


The yesloyal platform is a conduit to bring more businesses and customers together in an engagement which is fun and where loyalty extends beyond what you see today. “We see other companies doing great things in the space of loyalty and marketing but many have stopped innovating and become an one size fits all solution"


We know and recognize that each business is unique and each program we create for a business is unique and becomes a competitive advantage!



We partner with you to create more happy customers which results in customers who:

  • Buy more
  • Buy more often
  • Are engaged
  • Increase word of mouth
  • Bring family and friends to buy as well